Wilson and Lori Kannenberg
C.P. 41
Benjamin Constant, AM 69630
Brazil, S.A.

011-55-97-99171-2100 – Wilson
011-55-97-99171-1516 – Lori


Wilson:  08/10/55
Lori:  03/25/58

Monthly Support Gifts may be sent in our name to:
Mission Aviation Fellowship
PO Box 47
Nampa, ID 83653

To send support electronically:

  1.  Click here to go to the appropriate page on the MAF website.
  2.  Enter the amount you wish to donate.
  3.  Check to make certain that our number, 23837, is listed as the “Your gift will go to” number.
  4.  Continue to fill out the rest of the page and click Donate.

Our name will NOT appear on the MAF website since we are only affiliate members of MAF, but you can send funds through their donor website by using our MAF support number which is: 23837.

For more information to learn how you can support Lori and Wilson Kannenberg or if you need any information call 1-800-359-7623 (donor department at MAF)